Legal framework

In order to meet the requirements of a democratic state, the Polish public administration works under the rule of law, which means that every single action of the public administration and civil service should be regulated by the law.

The most important legal source of the Polish civil service is the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. The significant provisions of the Constitution regarding the civil service are the following:

Article 60

Polish citizens enjoying full public rights shall have a right of access to the public service based on the principle of equality.

Article 103

Section (2) No judge, public prosecutor, officer of the civil service, soldier on active military service or functionary of the police or of the services of State protection shall exercise the mandate of a Deputy.

Article 153

Section (1) A corps of civil servants shall operate in the organs of government administration in order to ensure a professional, diligent, impartial and politically neutral discharge of the State's obligations.
Section (2) The Prime Minister shall be the superior of such corps of civil servants.

The complete text of the Constitution in English is available here.

The Civil Service Act is the second, most important legal basis of the civil service. Due to a high decentralization of personnel policy in the civil service, the act serves more as a framework. It is supplemented by many regulations (issued by e.g. the Prime Minister, the Head of Civil Service and the Directors General of each office). The text of the Civil Service Act and other regulations are available below:

Act of 21 November 2008 on civil service

Regulation of the Prime Minister of 4 April 2016 on the terms and procedure of periodical evaluations of civil servants and civil service employees

Regulation of the Prime Minister of 23 July 2015 on detailed terms and procedure of the first evaluation in Civil Service

Regulation of the Prime Minister of 25 April 2007 regarding the working time of employees of government administration offices

Ordinance of the Prime Minister of 23 April 2009 on the types of documents confirming the command of the Polish language by non-Polish citizens applying for a position in the civil service

Ordinance no 1 of the Prime Minister of 7 January 2011 on the rules of preparing job descriptions and job evaluation in the civil service with its 2015 amendment

Ordinance no 70 of the Prime Minister of 6 October 2011 on the guidelines for compliance with the rules of the civil service and on the principles of the civil service code of ethics

Ordinance No 3 of the Head of Civil Service of 30 May 2012 concerning the standards of human resources management in the civil service