Ladies and Gentlemen,

I cordially welcome you to the new civil service website, administered by the Civil Service Department at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Warsaw. 

The Polish civil service has a long and outstanding tradition. The first act on the state civil service was adopted on 17th of February 1922, just three years after regaining by Poland its independence.  Following the second world war, during the Communist era, the principles of the civil service have been sadly rejected. After the end of this period in 1989 the major reforms in every aspect of life in Poland have been implemented. As a result in 1996 the civil service was restored and one year later it was anchored in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 2nd of April 1997. 

For twenty years the Polish civil service has been intensively developing. It must be noted that this long process of reapplying civil service standards was supported by many international organizations, European states and institutions. They provided us with expert advice, shared their experiences, showed the way, supported us financially. Having in mind the assistance we received as the beneficiaries, now we are both eager and obliged to help other countries, following the similar path, in their transformation efforts. 

Today, thousands of young people, raised and educated already in independent Poland, often at its leading universities, are working in the ranks of civil service. The competences of the civil service corps members are best evidenced i.a. by the high assessment of the first Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, which took place in the second half of 2011. 

As the Head of the Civil Service I am proud of the work of almost 120.000 civil servants and civil service employees. They reliably fulfill the mission of the Polish civil service which is to serve the citizens and ensure the smooth functioning of the government administration, irrespective of the political situation and the power shifts.

At the civil service website you will find the general information on our country, the legal basis governing the civil service, the cooperation with our international partners as well as some statistical data and useful links to the websites regarding similar topics.


With kindest regards,

Dobrosław Dowiat-Urbański

Head of the Civil Service

The CV of the Head of Civil Service Mr. Dobrosław Dowiat-Urbański