The Civil Service system in Poland

The role of the civil service is to guarantee that the state is efficient and effective regardless of the political situation and shifts of governments. This can be ensured by an appropriate staff composed of competent and professional officials, who fulfil their duties reliably and impartially.

Building a modern state, increasing the efficiency of its bodies and, principally, the satisfaction of the society are the most important goals that members of the civil service corps should pursue.

Terms and definitions

The legal relationship between the state and the official has its own nature. In the Polish civil service we differentiate three categories of staff:

1. Civil service employees employed on the basis of employment contract.

2. Civil servants employed on the basis of nomination (classic bureaucrats with a lifelong tenure). The nominated civil servants as a prioritised group have some additional rights compared to the civil service employees. There are two ways of obtaining this status:

  • taking so called qualification procedure (state exam),

  • graduating from the Lech Kaczyński National School of Public Administration (a governmental school directly subordinated to the Prime Minister).

3. Persons occupying senior positions employed on the basis of appointment.

Civil service corps is a general term for the legal relationships within civil service. It includes all three categories. 

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