International cooperation

Poland participates in multiple forms of international cooperation related to good governance issues. One of the statutory responsibilities of the Head of Civil Service is to conduct international cooperation in matters concerning the civil service.

International cooperation, based on the exchange of experience and taking advantage of other countries’ experience, is particularly important when considering public administration, an area which is not regulated by European Union law. A significant element of this cooperation is the discussion on the European administrative area.

International cooperation contributes also to the implementation of other statutory duties of the Head of Civil Service like the dissemination of information on the civil service. The Civil Service Department, on behalf of the Head of Civil Service, promotes the Polish civil service and solutions applied in Poland by taking part in international forums, exchange of information and good practices. The Polish experience resulting from the period of transition and construction of a professional civil service, has become remarkably important for countries that are currently implementing similar reforms and are interested in the support that Poland can provide. It applies especially to the Eastern Partnership and also bilateral cooperation.

European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht (EIPA)

Public Governance Committee of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (PGC OECD)

Eastern Partnership (EaP)


European Union Public Administration Network (EUPAN)