The civil service is primarily people – members of the civil service corps. Our mission is to serve the citizens and to ensure the effective functioning and management of the state. The efficiency of such can be provided by the personnel – competent officials, professionals fairly and impartially performing their duties.

The civil service, having confidence of the citizens, guarantees the implementation of key actions for the functioning of the state. The civil service and the people employed in it should inspire trust of the society. The civil service should be an important element of an efficiently working state.

Members of the civil service serve citizens efficiently performing the tasks of the state. They are aware that, as stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the goal of the establishment of the civil service is to ensure a professional, diligent, impartial and politically neutral performance of state tasks and the continuity of functioning of its institutions, regardless of the current political situation and the changes of governments.

What are the goals and tasks of the civil service? Construction of a modern state, increase the efficiency of state authorities and, above all, the satisfaction of society are the utmost important goals and tasks for the members of the civil service corps to fulfill. The tasks of the civil service are varied and cover almost all areas of our lives: concern for safety of citizens, standards of care, help to the compatriots abroad, protection of consumers rights, support for innovations, the expansion of roads and railways.

Work in the civil service is not a temporary activity performed by persons selected according to unspecified criteria, but a steady source of income for the employees, that have been hired because of clear, substantive criteria, they possess the knowledge and skills that ensure the proper performance of their official duties. Duties regarding competence, efficiency, timeliness and legality. Everyone subject to actions (issued decisions, provisions, granted public procurements etc.) taken towards them by the civil service shall be equally treated. Thus, the civil service while performing official duties shall be guided only by legal rules and standards of public interest, not the influence of political parties, social organizations, trade unions and informal groups pressure (lobbies).